Deerfoot Memorial Obituaries (2024)

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  • Richard Barber

  • Celebrate the beauty of life by recording your favorite memories or sharing meaningful expressions of support on your loved one's social obituary page.


2. Deerfoot Memorial Funeral Home - Trussville, AL

Deerfoot Memorial Funeral Home - Trussville, AL

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  • Search Obituaries · Obituary Notifications · Upcoming Services. Upcoming Services ... Funeral Service. May 18, 2024 · 12pm. 128 North Chalkville Road. Trussville, ...

Upcoming Services - Trussville, AL - Deerfoot Memorial Funeral Home

4. Funeral Services | Deerfoot Memorial Funeral Home - Trussville, AL

  • Search obituaries. Toggle navigation. Obituaries · Flowers & Gifts · What We Do · Grief & Healing · Resources · Plan Ahead · About Us · Location · Contact.

  • All too often, families discount the value of ceremony after the death of a loved one, and we certainly don’t want you to make that mistake. Coming together after a loss is a very essential part of the grieving process.

Funeral Services | Deerfoot Memorial Funeral Home - Trussville, AL

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  • Deerfoot Memorial Funeral Home, Trussville. 465 likes · 460 were here. Deerfoot Memorial is dedicated to serving the families in our area with care,...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

6. Frequently Asked Questions - Trussville, AL

  • Deerfoot Memorial Funeral Home · About Us · Location · Contact Us (205) 655-3444; Search obituaries. Toggle navigation. Obituaries · Flowers & Gifts · What We ...

  • We have heard thousands of questions, and chosen to provide you with the answers to some of the more common questions relating to a funeral, a funeral service and funeral homes.

Frequently Asked Questions - Trussville, AL

7. Obituary for Linwood Deerfoot Cannada Sr. - Vincent Funeral Home

  • May 6, 2015 · Linwood Deerfoot Cannada, Sr., 63, of Providence Forge, VA went to be with the Lord on May 6, 2015. He was preceded in death by his father, ...

  • Share Memories and Support the Family.

Obituary for Linwood Deerfoot Cannada Sr. - Vincent Funeral Home

8. Resources | Deerfoot Memorial Funeral Home - Trussville, AL

  • Merchandise. Deerfoot Memorial Funeral Home is proud to offer our families the finest in cremation and burial products. We invite you to review our selection ...

  • We have compiled these resources to help you in your time of need. If you have further questions, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, call us at (205) 655-3444, or contact us here.

Resources | Deerfoot Memorial Funeral Home - Trussville, AL
Deerfoot Memorial Obituaries (2024)


Is the obituary usually read at a funeral? ›

An obituary is written to tell the story of your loved one. These will often be in the funeral program. There will even be a part of the funeral where the obituary will be silently read by everyone in attendance at the funeral. It is something you and your family should be patient with when you are writing it.

What is the purpose of a funeral? ›

A funeral service, whether traditional or more modern (memorial service or celebration-of-life), has two functions: to acknowledge the death and lifetime achievements of an individual and to bring grieving family members and friends together in support of one another during this difficult time.

What should you not say in an obituary? ›

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Writing an Obituary
  • Avoid Making the Obituary About You. ...
  • Don't Focus Just on Death. ...
  • Listing People Who Were Appreciated. ...
  • Avoid Clichés. ...
  • Abbreviations. ...
  • Don't Over Describe the Funeral.

Is it disrespectful not to have an obituary? ›

You are under no legal obligation to take out a death notice or obituary. Think of the latter as a final gift to your loved one—a celebration of who they were and the legacy they created.

Why do you have to shower after a funeral? ›

Why Do We Take Bath After Attending A Funeral? In earlier days, there were no vaccinations available for hepatitis, smallpox, and other deadly diseases. Therefore our ancestors came up with such rituals to be followed after a funeral to prevent catching any infection from the dead body.

Why don't you go home after a funeral? ›

Some cultural beliefs suggest that going home directly after a funeral might bring bad luck or offend the spirit of the deceased.

Why are funerals 3 days after death? ›

Historically, funerals had to take place after just a matter of days, because of decomposition. With today's preservation methods, families have a bit more time to prepare and get affairs in order. This helps families make arrangements, and to pick a day to hold the funeral.

Who reads out at a funeral? ›

The eulogy is a deeply personal reflection of someone's life. Family or friends usually give this speech. However, clergy or the funeral celebrant may read it for the family. As this is a very emotional time, some people may not feel comfortable delivering the eulogy to the congregation.

Is it normal to read obituaries? ›

We all do. I would take note of the notice on reaching the end of one section or another of the daily paper where obituaries are usually printed. Reading an obituary is not so much an act of mourning a death but of reviewing a life of notable accomplishment and celebrating it.

Who reads the eulogy at a funeral? ›

Who gives a eulogy at a funeral? Anybody can deliver a eulogy at a funeral service, but it is usually a family member – spouse, partner, child, grandchild – or close friend of the deceased.

What is the difference between a death notice and an obituary? ›

A death notice is a brief, factual statement that announces someone's death to the public. An obituary also includes facts surrounding a person's death, but also includes biographical information, stories, and anecdotes to help honor that person's memory.


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